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Wood Concept
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1 Somewhere in time
2 Stationery Concept
3 Reward plaque
4 Our Packaging
5 Houseware wood product
6 Jewell box
7 Tourist Souvenior
8 Rubber wood plant and Industry
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1 Trendy Design collection
Fulfilling Concept
Bamboo product desk set
4 The desk-set of three
5 Smart Look
6 Stylish Concept
7 Adaptation Concept
8 Associate of wood
9 Work station
10 Work station panel
11 Office Mind articles
12 Bamboo Stationery desk set

Real Natural Flowers
1 Real Natural Dry Flowers in Vacuum Glassware

Quilling Paper Card

              Quilling Paper is the art of rolling and shaping thin strips of paper to form the images. The alphabet of the quilling art is constituted by basic shapes from what our designers conceive patterns as leaves, flowers---and, in and upper level, images.  In the beginnings of the art , between 13 and 1500 AD. in Europe , nuns decorated religious artifacts with strips of paper which are rolled on the QUILL of a bird feather.  Paper filigree is another name of Quilling and reflects the nature of the look of fine lacework done by jewelers.




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