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Wood Concept
:: Gift Items
1 Somewhere in time
2 Stationery Concept
3 Reward plaque
4 Our Packaging
5 Houseware wood product
6 Jewell box
7 Tourist Souvenior
8 Rubber wood plant and Industry
:: Stationery Deskset
1 Trendy Design collection
Fulfilling Concept
Bamboo product desk set
4 The desk-set of three
5 Smart Look
6 Stylish Concept
7 Adaptation Concept
8 Associate of wood
9 Work station
10 Work station panel
11 Office Mind articles
12 Bamboo Stationery desk set

Real Natural Flowers
1 Real Natural Dry Flowers in Vacuum Glassware

Office Mind articles 

4 mm, MDF broard laminated to PVC and white paper with customer's brand printer laminated inside

OFM-01,namecard holder
OFM-03,separate to 3 pcs
envelope holder
OFM-09 single  pencil holder
 desk set packing
 Individual packing
OfficeMind desk set 1
OFFiceMind stationeryset2
letter tray
OFM-03,pencil holder 
with cap
OFM-03 open cap 
separated to 3 pcs
OFM-07,couple of
magazine file_gray
 OFM-08 hexagon pencil holder
 OFM-08 open cap
letter tray
OFM-06, magazine box.single-size100mm.x320mm.xH320mm. and co

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