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Rubber wood plant and Industry
      Most of our raw materials is rubber wood.  Rubber wood is recycled wood from rubber tree. Thailand has plenty of rubber tree and is one of many countries in the world which produce the most latex yield.  So, Thailand have rubber wood enough to do wood industry in every segmentation.

     Thailand has the best management in the world for rubber plantation till rubber wood product in industrial process.

    Process of rubber wood from

plantation line.  Beginning from

young plant nursery, taking care

of water sprinkler, waiting for

moving to plantation.
   When rubber tree reach age of 5 years,
they will begin produce rubber liquid or
latex yield until 10 years.  After rubber
tree stop producing latex yield, they will

be cut down and brought to use in
industy, i.e. furniture, kichenware, photo

frame, wood desk accessory,etc.
   From rubber logs, they will be

processed to eliminate mold and

transfigure to be lumber, ready
for production process.
    Beginning from making structure by machine,

machine sanding and color finished for last

       Rubber tree ( recycled wood ) can make more worth-while and higher

commercial value.

We have used recycling wood and wood from Platation , so as to maintain the ecological balance

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